Whipped soap is great! Activated Charcoal soap is even better! Activated Charcoal Whipped Soap feels like it's made of a magic all it's own... when you get the recipe just right that is 😉(no this is not a magic product) . This was my first attempt at making Activated Charcoal Whipped Soap and my second time making whipped soap at all so I'm not only really happy with how the project turned out but I'm also happy with this project as far as first time results go... 

If you are thinking of trying to make this soap:

  1. Either find a good video that show you how to make whipped soap or find a video that bypasses this and will show you how to make whipped soap from whipped soap base.
  2. From there follow instructions until you have whipped soap 
  3. From here add charcoal to desired color (also try not to get it all over as charcoal is lighter than air). Mix thoroughly at first with whisk or spatula (as to not get charcoal all over everything) after it has been incorporated into the whipped soap Either use standing or hand mixer to whip soap again.
  4. Important to know: make sure if you are piping your whipped soap use a strong piping bag. This stuff tends to be thick so be warned.

Well other then wishing you all the good luck 🍀 and success you can have on your attempt as I did mine there's nothing more to say on this.😊🐉